2023 Buick Encore: Trims Available, Price Estimation, and Engine Performance

The 2023 Buick Encore comes as a perfect solution if you’re fine with a subcompact SUV. Check out what the specs are in the following article.

If you are planning to purchase an SUV without splurging too much money, you may consider purchasing a Buick Encore. The Buick Encore, which comes with a two-row seating configuration, may be small. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can dismiss it from your list of SUV cars to purchase. In this article, you will learn what sources out there predict the specification of the 2023 Buick Encore.

2023 Buick Encore
New 2023 Buick Encore

2023 Buick Encore Overview

If we are talking about Buick Encore, then you should know that this car is a subcompact SUV. Being a subcompact SUV makes it to be small in size. So, you should not expect it to be as spacious as Buick Enclave.

But even so, you cannot just mock this car for its size. This Buick car is comfortable and easy to move, given its small size. For it is an SUV, you can still have it to tackle slightly challenging terrains, although it is sure you should not take it seriously by taking your 2023 Buick Encore as a forestry car.

Unfortunately, the car isn’t getting much publication, at least for now. With a friendly price of below $30,000 for the base trim, you can already drive an SUV that’s nice enough to be your ‘entry-level’ car.

Despite the lack of publication, the Buick Encore is said to come into production around spring 2022. Hence, it will be released in later months, but still in 2022. Or, if things go a bit difficult for the carmaker, the chance of getting this car on release will also be possible.

2023 Buick Encore Interior
2023 Buick Encore Interior

The Trims Available

Just like another lineup, the Buick Encore will also come with several models to offer. Sources mentioned that the car will have, again, three models. However, you won’t find Avenir as several car lineups of Buick have the model’s name.

So, what are the names of the trims? First, you got Essence, Preferred, and Select, making Essence the highest, and Preferred model the lowest trim.

Unfortunately, sources out there mentioned that the upcoming release of Buick Encore won’t have a Preferred model. That doesn’t mean the carmaker will only go with two models; instead, they are changing the name for Preferred trim to GX. That said, you should also acknowledge that the lowest trim of Buick Encore will be the Encore GX.

Please do remember that the information mentioned above is just a prediction. Since there is a lack of official information, the information we share might have discrepancies when compared to the car itself that’d be released later.

The Car’s Performance

Related to its engine, you should not expect this car to be a roaring lion—not even a lioness with an HP production of 137 HP only. This power production is powered by a turbocharged engine with a displacement size of 1.2 L.

For its drivetrain, there are two options you can pick from. The 2023 Buick Encore comes with front-wheel drive as its standard. As an option, you can also change the drivetrain to an all-wheel drive for several bucks. This upgrade will allow you to add the car’s capacity to produce a power of 155 HP. As for the transmission, this car is using a CVT transmission.

The upgrade mentioned before comes as the solution to boost the power.  Not only it will use all-wheel drive, but the engine will also be ‘facelifted’. This will turn the engine into a 3-cyl turbocharged engine with a slightly upgraded displacement of 1.3-L.

2023 Buick Encore Design
2023 Buick Encore Design

Overall Looks

If you are searching for a budget SUV and ready to compromise with the looks, this 2023 Buick Encore can be the answer to your desire. Due to its budget, you may not get the best seating material. The techs provided inside the car are good enough; but not enough to outshine the Enclave or even Electra.