2023 BMW M850 I Specifications and Details

Have you been eyeing the 2023 BMW M850 I and wondering about its specifications? This article will help you to learn about it.

When we are talking about the 2023 BMW M850, the only car-related is the M850i xDrive. As part of the 8 Series, this car is undeniably outstanding with luxury well-combined with sportiness embedded in every aspect of this car. Wondering about its features? You are not the only one. Find the details of this car in the following explanation below including the estimated retail price, engine performance, as well as its exterior and interior aspects.

2023 BMW M850 Design
2023 BMW M850 Design

The 2023 BMW M850 I Specifications

The 8 Series have been long known as a series from BMW that offers the user’s cars whose appeals come in the form of beautiful appearance in both exterior and interior. But as we are talking about the M series, you got one more feature to link the car to sportiness. This means the car is not only visually appealing, but the performance is also something you need to anticipate (in a positive way).

The M850i is a coupe car that only comes with two seats. This is one of the easy ways to compare this car with its sibling: the M8 Gran Coupe. The Gran Coupe got four doors, which means you can get more passengers to drive with.

In addition to the doors, you can compare the M850i with the M8 in terms of its price. If you are looking for a cheaper 8 Series M lineup, M850i is your best bet. The starting price of this car is $99,900, according to the official website of BMW.

As it reaches the dealership, you should not be surprised if the price surges by around $2,000 (or even more). One source mentioned that the car is priced at around $102,500. Please also note that you may be asked to pay more if you are including some customization while purchasing the car. Insurance is also not included yet.

2023 BMW M850
2023 BMW M850

The Engine Aspect

BMW mentioned that the M series is made for thrill-seekers, and that’s why the M series has a better engine performance when compared to the non-M series, like the 840i.

The 2023 BMW M850i will still be powered using a gas-powered engine. The engine will be the 4.4-L twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The powertrain itself is the same as the M8 Gran Coupe, yet the maximum power production is much different.

The Gran Coupe is capable of producing much bigger power at 617 HP, while this car can only produce around 523 HP at 5,500 RPM. While for the torque, the M850i comes with a torque count of 553 lb.-ft. at 1,800 RPM.

What about its drivetrain system? The M series is known for having all-wheel drive as its main drivetrain, and so are this car and the Gran Coupe. As for the transmission, you can get the 8-speed automatic transmission for this two-door coupe.

2023 BMW M850 Interior
2023 BMW M850 Interior

The Exterior and Interior

The first thing you will notice from a car is its color, isn’t it? The 2023 BMW M850 comes with more than 13 color options mainly in blue and grey shades.

Just like the Gran Coupe counterpart, you can get a similar design for the 2023 BMW M850i. It looks sporty, elegant, and modern at the same time. According to the carmaker, the M850i got a rear spoiler, aerodynamic kit, as well as an illuminated kidney grille.

The wheels are also speaking a lot of sportiness and elegance. This car comes with 20” bi-color wheels befitting the car’s spirit to show off its performance. Other features like heated side mirrors, power-folding, and aerodynamic kit come in handy to help you drive like a whiz.

What about the interior aspect of this car? As you get inside the cabin, the first thing you’ll notice will be its seats. The seats are upholstered with extended Merino Leather upholstery, while the instrument panel is covered with Nappa Leather.

Just like its exterior, the cover’s color for both seats and instrument panel can be chosen according to your preference. As you may have found in many sources, the car offers many color options for upholstery.

Coming to entertain the driver and passenger, you got an updated infotainment system packed and ready to access on its touchscreen. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB, Bluetooth, and MP3 Player come as standard. Wi-Fi hotspots, too, come standard for this car.

Want to hear some good music? Be ready to be spoiled with the amazing 16-speaker Harman Kardon audio system. Sure, driving the 2023 BMW M850i won’t be boring with the features provided.