2023 BMW 740i, What Specs We Know So Far

Planning to purchase a 2023 BMW 740i? Before making a major splurge, make sure to learn what will the car offers as its features in this article below.

The 2023 BMW 740i is part of the BMW 7 series that is planned to be released soon in November. Along with this car, several other cars are released under the same series: the 7 Series. The 740i can be mentioned as the base model despite its outstanding features you can never see on other cars. If you are planning to purchase this car, make sure to acknowledge the details of this car first. This article will help you in getting to know about the car.

2023 BMW 740I
New 2023 BMW 740i

The 2023 BMW 740i Base Model, Outstanding Looks

What can you get from a base model of a standard car? Well, you may not expect it to have stellar features. But when we talk about the base model of the BMW 7 Series, things will go differently.

Despite its status as a ‘base model’, with the basic luxury sedan, the 740i outstands many competitors out there. Not only do the outer looks which are amazing, but the interior looks, as well as the technology used on this car, will never disappoint you.

Release Date and Price

According to sources, the 2023 BMW 740i car is planned to be released in November 2022—given there are no hindrances. Note that the car’s release may take place sometime later or maybe earlier, we will never know about that.

The car is planned to be released as a part of the BMW 7 Series. With that said, you may have known that the car has a standard price which is already high. As for the 2023 release of 740i, the manufacturer’s standard retail price (MSRP) is around $94,000. Not an amount for the minimum budget car buyers.

This price is even the lowest when compared to other cars in the same series. For example, the 760i, the so-called twin of the 740i with a stronger engine and different drivetrain, will be priced at around $115,000. Sure, you will need to pay more have you wanted some adjustments in the car.

2023 BMW 740i Design
2023 BMW 740i Design

The Engine Aspect

Regarding the engine, the 2023 BMW 740i will be a mild-hybrid car with 48-volt hybrid systems. The hybrid system will then be paired with a 3.0-L turbocharged inline-six engine, which can produce a decent power for a sedan, 375 HP.

The engine is paired with a rear-wheel drive just like many BMW cars. If you want to purchase an all-wheel-drive car, then the choice will be the 760i as it comes with it. Not only that, but the 760i also has a bigger engine in terms of displacement and power production.

The 760i comes with the same hybrid system, yet it uses 4.4-L displacement with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine to follow. This is the same as what you’ve found on the previous 750i, yet the power produced in 760i is bigger by 13HP (536 HP).

Exterior and Interior

Wondering about the 2023 BMW 740i details for its exterior and interior? First of all, let’s discuss the outer side of this car.

The car has a luxurious look which you can get from its sporty body line, as well as its one-of-a-kind kidney grille as if providing a signature of BMW on it. Following the grille, there is also the use of BMW Laserlight as its headlights.

The wheels, too, should not be skipped when it comes to the talk of its exterior side. If the looks aren’t much changed from the 2022-version, then it offers you cool Air Breather wheels which ensure optimum wheel arch area airflow.

2023 BMW 740i Interior
2023 BMW 740i Interior

Inside, you’ll admire its top-notch car seat materials which mainly come in leather. The upholstery also comes in several colors to offer. For example, you can get it in beige, black, or ivory white.

Included are the car’s changeable interior trims to beautify your dashboard. Information and entertainment-related techs can also be seen on the neatly minimalist car dashboard. A large digital instrument cluster with navigation features available won’t be the only tech included in the package.

Built-in touchscreen with remote update availability, integration with smartphones (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay), as well as USB ports, and an amazing sound system complete the car’s luxury models.

Well, those are not the only features you can get from the 2023 BMW 740i. If you are curious about the car, make a patient wait until the car’s release is made official!