2023 Audi SQ5 Details: What You Can Expect from This Luxury Car?

If you wonder what a 2023 Audi SQ5 brings you, this article is a great fit for you. Find out what you can get from this car in the information below.

There are not many resources mentioning the specification of the 2023 Audi SQ5. However, many would say that the features won’t be that far different when compared to Audi Q5. Are you curious and eager to know about this car? Resources out there have tried to predict how the features will be. Find out the answer in this article below.

2023 Audi SQ5 Release Date
New 2023 Audi SQ5

2023 Audi SQ5: An Overview

When it comes to Audi cars, SQ5 is one of the lineups which, just like the Q5 lineup, is a mid-size SUV. The upcoming release will maintain its quality as a mid-size SUV, and it is predicted that the car won’t undergo much improvement on its facade. Meaning that you will not be able to see the car changing many aspects of both exterior and interior.

So, what does the upcoming 2023 Audi SQ5 have to offer? Well, many features can be expected, but nothing major would be added as new stuff for the lineup.

It is expected that there will be a change in its maximum power production as well as the body material of this car. Aside from these changes, the headlights, taillights, and color choices will also be predicted to be altered in the upcoming release of SQ5.

To tell the truth, not many resources are talking about the 2023 Audi SQ5. The German carmaker itself has no words regarding the upcoming release of this car. That is exactly why it is quite difficult to determine how this car will look and how well it will perform.

What Trims You Can Expect

Just as what’s seen on the current release of Audi SQ5, there will be three models of Audi SQ5. This will include the Premium Quattro, Prestige Quattro, as well as Premium Plus Quattro.

Unfortunately, the trims you can get there have not yet been introduced to the public. This said the features for each trim may not be found in many resources yet. However, we can refer to one trim–the Premium Quattro–to imagine other models and how nice the specification of the car will be.

The following features described will be based on what the Premium Quattro trim has as its features.

2023 Audi SQ5 Concept
2023 Audi SQ5 Concept

Audi SQ5 2023 Premium Quattro Engine Specifications

Let’s get to know the car’s engine features. According to sources, the 2023 Audi SQ5 Premium Quattro is predicted to use a 3.0-L turbocharged V6 engine. This means the car will still use gas as its main combustion source and there is no hybrid option nor electrification still.

The power produced by the engine will be delivered to all wheels (meaning the car will have an AWD drivetrain) which is best for an SUV. This will enable users to powerfully steer the car while tackling difficult terrains.

Interestingly, the five-seat car is using an 8-speed auto transmission. Hence, you can expect it to have a thriftier fuel economy compared to if it uses manual transmission. Sources mentioned the car is predicted to have a 19/24 MPG for city/highway fuel economy.

How much power will the car be able to produce? Sources mentioned the car is expected to produce a max of 349 HP when the engine works at 5,400 pm. As for the torque, it will be around 369 lb.-ft. when it works at 1,370 pm.

Exterior Aspect

Talking about the car’s exterior, you may be curious to know about what colors will be available to offer. It is predicted that the car will have 8 color options, ranging from gray, green, silver, white, black, and blue–most of all coming in metallic finishing. These colors are the standard for SQ5s.

For the upcoming release of SQ5, the wheels used are aluminum wheels with both wheels using the 20-inch wheels.

Aside from the colors and the wheels, the information which explains in detail what features the car is having is minimum.

2023 Audi SQ5 Interior
2023 Audi SQ5 Interior

Interior Aspects

Inside, you should expect luxurious details. The materials used will be top-notch as you can expect from this carmaker. The car’s interior is also said to be pretty minimalistic with fewer buttons available on the dashboard.

The 2023 Audi SQ5 infotainment aspect may be similar to the previous release. This will be a touchscreen with similar sizes (it may come bigger for higher trims), and it will be integrated with the smartphone connectivity features such as the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.