2023 Alfa Romeo GTV: Its Specification Predictions

Wondering what will Alfa Romeo bring to the ‘plate’ when it comes to the comeback of 2023 Alfa Romeo GTV? Here is what sources out there are saying.

Are you curious about knowing what the specifications of the 2023 Alfa Romeo GTV are about? Well, there are only a few resources you can find to learn about this car’s details. This is because the carmaker itself has not released any official information regarding the car’s specifications. Despite the lack of official information, people are predicting what the car’s specifications will look like. Find out the answer in this article below.

2023 Alfa Romeo GTV Redesign
2023 Alfa Romeo GTV Redesign

2023 Alfa Romeo GTV Specification Details

Before knowing the details about this car, let’s get to know about the car through an overview first. The Alfa Romeo is a sports coupe car that is popular for offering various top-notch qualities. This car is Italian bred which interestingly only has two doors on this body.

However, for the upcoming 2023 Alfa Romeo GTV, rumors spreading mentioned that the car will be a four-door car just like the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3. In addition to that, the carmaker is said to produce a hybrid car this time.

Since it is a hybrid car, then you should expect a fuel-powered engine as well as a battery pack to empower the car.

Regarding the powertrain detail, it is unfortunate that not many sources mentioned so. Probably this is simply caused by the lack of information given by the carmaker itself. Some news which It is just the fuel-powered engine that is predicted to be inheriting the engine from Giulia QF.

The engine that is inherited from the current Giulia QF is said to be placed on the Quadrifoglio version of GTV. As for the base model, it can be pretty basic with the 4-cyl engine. More details for this will be in the upcoming explanation.

2023 Alfa Romeo GTV Interior
2023 Alfa Romeo GTV Interior

What about the Looks?

Unfortunately, the carmaker has not yet released, again, any information regarding this car. Not even some dummy information about it. It can be predicted that the car will have something new to introduce—especially for its exterior looks. But what exterior aspect it is—there is no information still.

Interestingly, you can easily find a resource mentioning how the car will look inside (meaning the interior aspect). A specific source mentioned that the car is planning to offer four seats despite the usual Alfa Romeo signature two-seat only. Hence, it brings a fresh look to the upcoming 2023 Alfa Romeo GTV.

This specific resource stated that the shift the carmaker is planning will offer a great chance for Alfa Romeo to be the rival of more prominent carmakers. To mention some, you have BMW and Audi—all with their 4-series and A5 lineup consecutively.

There is no information whatsoever regarding the car’s infotainment features, yet. However, since it has been a long from the previous release, many expect that the car will be equipped with a refreshing look and more useful features for navigation and entertainment.

That said, the compatibility to connect smartphones should be considered to be added as one integral part of the infotainment system. This smartphone compatibility will include things such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

People are also expecting that the upcoming 2023 Alfa Romeo GTV will have the driver assistance tech as what is available now in the current release of Giulia. Not only the navigation systems which is made easier are users but features like automated emergency braking, as well as adaptive cruise control, are expected to exist in this car as well.

2023 Alfa Romeo GTV Concept
2023 Alfa Romeo GTV Concept

The Engine Aspect

Although it is said that the car is hybrid, some sources mentioned the car is only fuel-powered. It seems like the carmaker hasn’t made the upcoming release of GTX to be a hybrid one, but no one can make it a sure thing yet.

So far there is the only information regarding the engine for the base trim which has been predicted by many. The base trim is predicted to be powered by a 2.0-L 4-cyl, turbocharged engine. The engine itself is said to be capable of producing around 280 HP.

A higher trim, which is called Quadrifoglio, will be able to produce around 505 HP for a car. The engine is predicted to be the same as the current Giulia QF which happens to be a 2.9-L V6 engine powered with twin-turbo technology.

So, those are some details about the 2023 Alfa Romeo GTV. What do you think? Will it be a perfect car to invest in?