2023 Alfa Romeo 8C Prediction: Will It Be Available in 2023?

What will the 2023 Alfa Romeo 8C look like? Find your answer about the car’s specs in this article below.

Wondering if there is a release from the 2023 Alfa Romeo 8C? Well, no official sources are mentioning that this car will be released in 2023. It is unfortunate, to be honest, knowing that the last release was in 2016 for Stelvio SUV. Ever since there are no sedans introduced by this Italian brand. However, people out there still hope that the carmaker will do their comeback with the release of the Alfa Romeo. Even they are predicting how the specs will be—which will be discussed in this article below.

2023 Alfa Romeo 8C Concept
2023 Alfa Romeo 8C Concept

2023 Alfa Romeo 8C Predictions

According to sources, this Italian car manufacturer has been not producing Alfa Romeo for 6 years. Does it make this car manufacturer be on the verge of bankruptcy? Well, we don’t know anything yet since there are also no signs from this carmaker that they are releasing the 2023 Alfa Romeo 8C in the short future.

Despite the lack of resources mentioning the comeback of this sports car, many online sources are predicting how will the car look like, if the carmaker happens to release a comeback car.

With the hype of hybrid vehicles, as well as total vehicle electrification (EVs), people are predicting that the car will come as a hybrid vehicle. The fuel-powered engine will still be available, and people are predicting that it will be able to produce a significant amount of power, which will be explained later.

The car is also said to have a similar platform to the current version of Giulia. Aside from that, the car’s powertrain, as well as the drivetrain, are also predicted to be designed to befit people’s expectations of a sports car. Hence, sources predict that the car will be a mishmash of various sports cars, ranging from Ferrari, Maserati, and the original design of Alfa Romeo itself.

The Looks of Alfa Romeo

Since nothing has been said about the release of the 2023 Alfa Romeo 8C by the carmaker, nor has there been any comeback within the last two years, it is quite hard to predict how will this car look like. But one thing is for sure if they manage to do a comeback: it will remain a sports car, as many would expect.

Hence, it should be looking near sports cars like Ferrari, Lambo, or Maserati. It may even come with a better face, although it is quite hard to believe so given no spy photos are revealed nor any news released by the carmaker, so far.

The car is predicted to be a mid-engine. This simply means that the engine will be put on the center part of the car itself. However, it may not change how the interior and exterior are designed. Maybe it only alters several centimeters of the ground clearance. In addition, since Alfa Romeo is a sports car, you should not expect it to be an all-killer when it comes to tackling lands with terrain although the drivetrain befits the condition.

As for the body, sources predict that the car will be produced using carbon fiber monocoque like the previously released 4C. This makes the car to be lightweight without compromising the car’s quality itself.

Inside, the 2023 Alfa Romeo 8C may not ensure you a big cabin size, but it surely is big enough for two passengers, just like how a sports car would normally be. In addition, with a price prediction of more than $250,000, it becomes clear that the quality of the interior will never be the same as what you get on 5-digit budget cars.

2023 Alfa Romeo 8C Concept
2023 Alfa Romeo 8C Concept

The Engine Aspects

What about the engine? Just as mentioned by sources, this car is expected to be a hybrid car. That said, it can use a fuel-powered engine and as an option, you can use an electric motor as well to keep your car going.

As for the fuel-powered engine, it is predicted that the base model will be using a twin-turbocharged V8 engine with 3.8-L of displacement. While the electric motor capacity is unknown, the car is predicted to be able to produce around 700 HP in total. A great power production it is—suitable for a sports car like that.

Aside from that, the 2023 Alfa Romeo 8C is also predicted to be able to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Plus, the car is using AWD drivetrain that divides power equally to all wheels.