Rumors: 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Won’t be Much Upgraded

Even though rumor has it that the 2022 VW Atlas won’t be much upgraded, it’s still worth anticipating. Read more about this model in the following.

The 2021 release of Volkswagen Atlas provides a promising upgrade both on the interior and exterior sides. It won’t stop there though, as the three-row crossover SUV 2022 Volkswagen Atlas is going to be improved further. This launch is planned to bring even more advanced technology features and a modern appearance that will make the wait worth it.

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport Details and Comparison
2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport Details and Comparison

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport Details and Comparison

Compared to the standard VW Atlas, Cross Sport has a more contemporary and striking design, but with the price of sacrificing the last row of seats to provide more space on the cargo and passenger room. Aside from the exterior part and row numbers, the rest of this model is almost identical to its sibling. The specs of the new VW Atlas Cross Sport are expected to carry this similar characteristic.

That being said, it’s fair to say that the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas mimics the Cross Sport than the opposite. The dimension of this model is said to be smaller, along with extra powertrain and technology features.

The Estimation of 2022 VW Atlas Release Date

The most recent news update from Volkswagen informs that the new Atlas is going to be launched in March 2022. Still, there are some unreleased details about the release that haven’t been made to the public yet.

There are several rumors previously that stated the release date won’t be coming until the midst year, or summer 2022. Another said that it won’t see the market at least until the new year of 2022. Regardless, the public now can be reassured by the official statements from the manufacturer itself.

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport Release Date, Redesign, Price
2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport Release Date, Redesign, Price

2022 VW Atlas Redesign and the Specs Details

It is almost certain that the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas will receive the same base design as the previous generation. It’s going to bring fresh updates while maintaining a familiar body frame. The most noticeable part of the styling improvement is located at the front end. One can easily spot a new bumper, headlight, and 3-bar grille – that result in additional three inches on the entire length.

Thus, it’s an easy conclusion to say that this upcoming model will look and feel more familiar. On the mechanical side, the crossover is designed by using the MQB platform. It provides rather great driving assistance considering Atlas’ size, with great corner turnover and maneuver.

Other than the listed feature updates above, there aren’t many fresh upgrades that should be expected. Of course, the door of possibilities always opens. However, 2022 Atlas will carry a similar standard of entertainment features, such as a 6-speaker stereo system, Bluetooth connection, USB port, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 6.5” touch screen. In the front dashboard, there is navigation assistance, 8” touch screen, satellite and HD radio, 5 USB ports, digital cockpit, auto climate control, and 12-speaker audio system.

As the prior generation is already equipped with extensive numbers of standard features, it’s hard to expect significant changes in the close future. It’s safe, however, to include variations of driving assistants such as auto emergency braking, blind-spot monitor, a rearview camera, warning alert for forwarding collision, and rear cross-traffic warning. There are also parking sensors at the front and rear section, parallel parking support on hands-free mode, surround-view camera for parking, auto beam headlights, adjustable cruise control, and lane departure warning system.

Moving to the engine section, there are also not many upgrades to be anticipated. 2022 Volkswagen Atlas will maintain to carry two-engine option. The base trim is equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and an all-wheel-drive system that generates 235 HP and should be sufficient for daily driving. If you’re looking for a more powerful version, you may opt for the 3.6L V6 engine that yields 276 HP. Both versions are paired with 8-speed auto transmission. It should be said, however, that their fuel economy is not the best with 27 mpg (base version) and 24 mpg (V6 version).

Rumors - 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Won’t be Much Upgraded
Rumors – 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Won’t be Much Upgraded

What do You expect about the 2022 VW Atlas Price?

Expect the release to storm the market in the latter part, or even the 4th quarter of 2021. Considering the price of the last generation, it should come at around $35,000 to $40,000 price range. 2022 Volkswagen Atlas is categorized as mid-size family-friendly with a lot of tech features. If you’re skipping on the 2021 release, then maybe this next model is going to be a good choice to go.

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