2023 Honda Fit as the Modern Urban Ride

The 2023 Honda Fit would be coming as the future and next-generation urban ride that is just perfect for commuting

There are plans for the development of the 2023 Honda Fit that is designed to be the future upcoming subcompact hatchback that would be perfect for city life and urban commute. It should be interesting to see how the Fit is going to be produced and be delivered to today’s condition.

2023 Honda Fit as the Modern Urban Ride

2023 Honda Fit Redesign

It seems that there won’t be any dramatic or drastic change in the Fit. For the upcoming 2023 Honda Fit, the proportions will generally be the same. Be prepared, though, for some changes, especially on the exterior and interior redesigned areas.

On the exterior, the ride would be more compact and more seamless. Several subtle updates will happen to the subcompact hatchback, which may include top fascia design, front side grille, front lights (with 3D components), and also air intake for better airflow. It is also possible that the Fit would come with more curved styling, along with a stylish back finish design and new taillights. There are also A-pillars with back-toned construction and bigger windows, for sure.

On the inside, there are some unique additional details for the redesigned work. Metal support frames and modern-day infotainment systems are the standard features. But for the updated news, expect new controls, weather management technology, and also a new device group. It is highly likely that you will find big infotainment screen on the center unit.

2023 Honda Fit Redesign

2023 Honda Fit Engine and Performance

For the 2023 Honda Fit hybrid, it’s possible that the ride would be packed with an Atkinson engine that is paired with two electronic engines, taking its power from the li-ion battery. It should be enough to generate 151 hp. The EPA fuel economy is said to reach 55 mpg for the city, which is pretty impressive. Power would be managed and handled by CVT Digitally Handled system for smoother and more flawless operation.

For the regular Fit, it is likely that the car would be coming with a four-cylinder engine with a 1.5-liter capacity that is delivering 128 hp. When compared to the hybrid type, the regular Fit has less power. It seems that Honda is busy focusing its attention on Nissan Leaf for its hatchback electric model. But it is said that Fit’s prototype is able to go farther than Leaf with the electric power. Fit is able to go as far as 186 kilometers while the Leaf can ‘only’ go for 150. But details haven’t been released or confirmed, so we can’t really depend on it.

Will There be a 2023 Honda Fit

2023 Honda Fit Price and Release Date

Again, the company doesn’t provide any detailed or comprehensive information about the Fit. There is always a possibility that the 2023 model would be coming earlier in 2023 or right in the middle. The price is predicted to be set at around $15,600 for the base trim. The problem is that Honda hasn’t said anything about bringing the new Fit hatchback to America again. They may have plans to release it in other markets, but it isn’t unclear about the American market. So, we just have to wait for official information about the 2023 Honda Fit.