2023 Dodge Journey Facelift Speculations in Various Aspects

The Dodge Journey Is A Staple Component Of The Manufacturer Brand. How Will The 2023 Dodge Journey Upgrades Live Up To The Current Generation Of This Specific Model?

The Dodge Journey that is referred to as Dodge JCUV by some, has been going on radio-static silence for a while, but expect it to make some noise again soon. Rumour has it that the series will be back for the 2023 model – as a number of trustworthy sources already posted speculations and rendered photos to build suspicion and excitement. While the reasons to count on this rumour is quite plenty, the most believable one is because the 2023 Dodge Journey seems to be a prominent contender to fill the missing spot left by the upcoming Durango generation as the mid-size 3-row crossover.

2023 Dodge Journey Facelift Speculations

Expected Base Characteristics Design of the Dodge Journey

The basic characteristic of the design is most likely to be the first thing you’re thinking about when it comes to the 2023 Dodge Journey layout improvements. It is predicted that the mid-size 3-row crossover will be designed based on the platform of Giorgio, which is actually an extremely suitable choice with an array of advantages, particularly in the area of driving experience quality. Beyond offering a practically spacious vehicle, it’s going to transform into an exciting and agile automobile.

Based on the claims made by several reputable sources, the newly upgraded design will come in an RWD system, with an optional choice of AWD. Following the tradition of Dodge lineups, the utility car is going to be available in a set of powertrain options, which include the premium HEMI engines.

Moreover, it is expected that the fresh platform will offer immense weight savings to accommodate better efficiency as well. However, it is rather tricky to be overly excited about this improvement, as the future updates doubtlessly come with a gasoline-powered motor.

Exterior and Interior Design Predictions

Starting from the exterior section, plenty of experts predict that the 2023 Dodge Journey is going to incorporate a fresh design language, in which some parts are inspired by the Ram. While the general shape may remain to stay in crossover characteristic, which combines wagon and SUV designs, it is safe to hope that the upcoming release will look more massive and bold, as the nearly square-shaped rectangle accommodates spacious room inside and better practicality in general.

The vehicle’s size is anticipated to be the standard large crossover dimensions. Compared to the predecessor, it may come as a larger counterpart, with a presumed wheelbase range of 115” to 118”.
The most awaited part of the 2023 Dodge Journey, however, occurs on the interior side. It is speculated that this immense-sized automobile is going to be comfortable enough to fit seven to eight passengers with its three seating rows, even though the latest one, as it seems to be the norm, is going to be tighter and less generous in terms of the available room.

Aside from the offered space from the passenger, the interior design is to be anticipated as well. Nice quality in general, good materials, and sophisticated styling are to be expected. Regarding the entertainment feature, the new Dodge Journey should be able to bring a larger infotainment screen (which is most probably will follow the Ram 1500), with vertical orientation. Similar sentiment also applies to the set of safety features.

2023 Dodge Journey

A Satisfying Range of Engine Options

In general, the Dodge Journey offers a wide range of options regarding engine alternatives. In the current generation, you can find the base version that is equipped with a 3.6L V6 engine, yet it is also very much plausible to get a 2L power turbo-four engine, that’s capable of yielding 270 HP and 295 lb./ft of torque. Higher trim levels with better performance powertrains, including the V8 unit that’s also available at this moment, is predicted to be released as well.

Lastly, getting some hopes on a hybrid engine may not disappoint you as well. Plenty of predictions about a new hybrid setup, a similar one that comes with the Wrangler, presumably makes an appearance in the upcoming launch too for this specific model.

Keep in mind that the information provided above is still unofficial, as they are all preliminary predictions by this moment. If the rumours are to be trusted, then the next year should bring the world with the new 2023 Dodge Journey, after the release of the Jeep Grand Cherokee by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. If it is indeed making an arrival, then the price point is estimated to be anywhere between $30,000 and $35,000.